Radio: Eliminate the Corporate Tax

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On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, David John Marotta appeared on Radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show with Rob Schilling to discuss corporate tax rates.

Here is a summary of what they talked about:

At 0:35, David Marotta answers the question of what investments preschoolers can have other than 529 accounts.

At 2:00, they begin talking about the corporate tax with a discussion of the history of the income tax along with a consumption tax or a value-added tax.

At 3:43, they talk about the disinformation about the double taxation of corporate taxes.

At 4:30, David answers a caller about debt, consumer price index, inflation, precious metals and the markets.

At 7:42, David answers a question about if the value-added tax would be an additional double tax.

At 10:10, they talk about the “soak the rich” mentality of a corporate tax.

At 11:48, they talk about Janet Yellen’s remarks to have a corporate minimum tax.

At 14:50, they discuss changes in the corporate tax rate.

You can listen here:


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