Five Things You Can Control: The Series

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Don Phillips has a nice article in the February/March issue of Morningstar Magazine entitled “The Things You Can Control. He suggests that the best advisors help their clients focus on what can be controlled and not fret about the rest even when uncontrollable things are what clients think are the most important.

David Marotta wrote about each of the five things and what great advisors do for their clients regarding them.

You deserve an advisor who will help you with these five and more.

Read the whole series:

Five Things You Can Control: Spending Discipline
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“Develop spending discipline. People too often forget that the real enemy of investment is consumption.”

Five Things You Can Control: Commitment to Saving
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Saving money is not enough. You need to save and invest.

Five Things You Can Control: Goals-Based Asset Allocation
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An advisor’s job is to recommend the optimum asset allocation regardless of how the client might answer a survey about risk tolerance.

Five Things You Can Control: Taxes
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A dollar saved on taxes is worth more than an extra dollar of income because the extra dollar of income is in itself taxable.

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