Retirement Wisdom (The Series)

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In 2004, David Marotta wrote a seven part series originally titled “Retirement Wisdom.” The series explained the the seven principles to reaching your retirement goals.

Here are those seven articles:

And here they are republished in 2017 under new names:

How to Get Started with Retirement Planning

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Most of the assets you use to fund your retirement will come from compounded growth.

How to Set Retirement Goals

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A fee-only financial advisor can provide the decades of support and encouragement to make financial planning, effective life planning.

How to Protect Your Retirement

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For many investors, a fee-only advisor pays for themselves in reduced expenses alone.

How to Adjust Risk Appropriately for Retirement

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Risk is about understanding your own greed, fear and pride.

How to Readjust Your Retirement Plan

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Sometimes the change can be in a direction you did not expect.

How to Save for Retirement

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Every pay period, pay yourself first. You won’t miss what you don’t see.

How to Plan for Retirement

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Failure to plan for retirement is the primary reason why retirement plans fail.

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