“Corporate Records Service” Is A Scam

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Corporate Records Service Scam

Many government mailings look like spam. And much spam tries to look like a government mailing.

Business Owner Alert regarding “Corporate Records Service” Solicitation Scam

Recently, an entity calling itself “Corporate Records Service” with an address in the capital of whatever state you happen to be in, mailed solicitations entitled “Annual Minutes Records Form” to numerous business entities in multiple states. This solicitation suggests that a any business entity is required to complete the statement and return it with a fee of $125.

Although the solicitation contains a disclaimer stating that Corporate Records Service is not affiliated with a government agency, many customers may misinterpret the official-looking documents. Despite the implications contained in the solicitation, business entities are not required by law to file the statement with Corporate Records Service.

The form is very professional looking. You are to fill out the form completely with the names of Shareholders, Corporate Directors, Corporate Officers and contact person. Than sent this information off to them with a check or money order for the amount of $125.00. made payable to Corporate Records Service.

You do not have to do business with Corporate Records Service. The forms provided by Corporate Records Service are not required by any State. They are a dishonest scam trying to pose as a government entity just inside the law but their intent constitutes fraud.

Government compliance is difficult enough without trying to separate what is and isn’t required.

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