Mailbag: Which of These 401(k) Investment Choices Do You Recommend?
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I’m in my 20s and I’m just getting started in the working world. Which of the attached 401(k) investment choices do you recommend?

Mailbag: Which Investments Should I Fund First?
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I’m in my 20s and I’m just getting started in the working world. I would love to start funding my Roth and 401(k), but I have no idea where to begin!

Money Questions: Fleeing to Fixed Income
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What advice do you have for someone who is considering a strategy shift toward fixed income?

Money Questions: Insights on I Bonds
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Q: I am receiving some extra cash as a result of maturing CDs. I want to make a safe investment that is protected against future inflation. We do not need this money, and so I am interested to know what you think of purchasing I bonds for our grandchildren. I have heard they can be tax free if used for college.

$ ?s: Divorced Spouse Social Security Benefits
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Q: My husband and I divorced several years ago, and I am about to turn 62 in December. Since my ex-husband (he’s a year older) and I parted ways, we don’t talk. Can you please explain the Social Security benefits due to a divorced spouse?

Test Before You Invest
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Q: I am 53 years old and have never invested in the stock market. I have inherited $150,000 from a family member, and my son is recommending that I invest this money in the market. Do you agree?

Mailbag: Should I Buy Puts If I’m Worried About the Market?
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Won’t this hedge the markets and protect me in case the markets go down?

Mailbag: What Should I Do About a Class Action Lawsuit Against One of My Mutual Funds?
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Is it worth it to file all the paperwork just to collect a few buck?

Money Questions: Tips for College Freshmen
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Q: Our son is headed to Virginia Tech as a college freshman. When it comes to finances, he’s clueless. What financial advice should we offer before we drop him off?

Mailbag: How Can There Be More Sellers Than Buyers?
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How can there be more sellers than buyers? Who are those “extra” sellers selling to?

Green Gift$ For The Holiday Season
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Capitalizing on tax savings can allow you to be even more generous in years to come.

Retirement Savings 101: Self-Employment Options
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An individual 401(k) (also known as a “solo 401(k)”) offers you the option to defer the first $16,500 of income.

Retirement Savings 101: Priorities
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With the income tax debate currently controlled by legislators advocating even higher rates, I don’t think you will regret having some tax free money.

Keeping Expenses Low While Building Your Portfolio
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Sand can be used to further diversify your portfolio.

VRS: A Bird in Hand or Two in the Bush?
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Many people in this situation would choose the quick cash.

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