Bob Arms: Encourage Those Who Serve Our Country

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Bob Arms

What is one of your favorite things that you’ve been able to do with your money?

I had a $100 bill in my wallet. A dangerous thing. After a bike ride on the Blackwater trail in Lynchburg, VA my wife and I stopped for lunch at a restaurant we were told had great gourmet pizza and some nice salad specials. We were not disappointed. As we sat outside on their deck another party of about 10 arrived and sat at a table near ours. As it goes, we overheard some of their conversation.

One of the young men was leaving for Afghanistan the next day. On our way out I gave their waitress the $100 and asked her not to tell them where it came from or my motive in paying their bill – that we had lost our son in Iraq a few years ago. Grief is bitter-sweet. I cried, and smiled as we left.

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  1. Richard Steven Gregg

    My condolences to the Arms family on the loss of their son. George had told me about his death at the time, but I never was able to express my personal condolences to the family. Our own son Matthew served in Iraq in the Army in 2005-2006, without incident, so we were one of the lucky ones. I’ll never forget my first visit to Pearl Harbor in September 1969, as a new Navy man and first cruise. I went to see the U.S.S. Arizona memorial right away, and my thoughts went out to the over 1,000 men who perished aboard. I thought of all the relatives friends, and neighbors they left behind…so sad. Wars are a terrible thing…wish we did not have to have them…
    All we can do is respect and honor the memory of the brave men who fought and died for us…..RIP