David John Marotta: Employing Others as Renewable Charity
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As we kept our spending frugal we gained enough margin to start businesses and employ people. And as employees find their area of genius, they help others through their productive work.

Martha Schilling: Money can work for you
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I realized that compounding was an awesome concept. Today those initially piddling amounts have grown to provide an enviable cash flow that allows me to live well and give to worthy causes.

Austin Johnston: A Sense of Independence
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One of my favorite things I’ve been able to do with money was something I did after finishing school, moving, and getting my first full-time job. I was out on my own, and I wanted to do something extra once I was independent.

Krisan Marotta: Creating Family Memories
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When our children were young, we decided to budget for memory making. Birthdays, holiday celebrations and family vacations became our primary memory making tools. We invested in birthdays.

Kathleen M. Rehl: Helping Widows Move Forward on Their Own
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I recently established the “Moving Forward On Your Own,” charitable gift fund, which benefits widows and their families.

Jennifer Lazarus: Magnify the Impact of Our Money
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We’ve made contributing to microfinance a part of our annual charitable giving and in lieu of gifts to one another.

Scott Leonard: Purchase the Property Used for the Business
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The best money decision I have made is purchasing the property I use for my business. The advantages are far greater than those of owning vs. renting a home.

Manisha Thakor: The Joy of Sleeping Well At Night
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“Sleeping well at night knowing our household is 100% debt free is truly priceless.” – Manisha Thakor, personal finance expert & author.

Holly P. Thomas: View from the Porch
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“Sunrises in my rocking chair, sipping coffee and watching the fog unveil each day.”

David John Marotta: Solve the Problems Which Money Can Solve
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Even though money was tight, having margin in our budget for unknown unknowns kept us from punishing a student simply because they lacked experience bidding painting jobs.

Matthew Illian: Spending Money Never Tasted So Good
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Just a few weeks ago, my wife and I were going to join a diverse group of friends for dinner. My wife said we would bring dessert but on the day of the event, there was no time for baking.

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