How to Create an iPad App of Your Favorite Websites
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You can make an “app” (really a shortcut) on your mobile device so you can quickly access all the resources on Marotta on Money. It takes less than a minute.

What is Cost Basis and How Do I Calculate It?
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The process of correcting cost basis problems, although time consuming, is worthwhile.

Why do I have a Positive Return with a Negative Gain?
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These “strange but true” returns occur more frequently than you might expect.

Why the Ending Value on your Performance Report Differs from your Statement
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Here’s what you need to know to understand why the numbers may not match.

What’s the Difference Between Time Weighted Return and Internal Rate of Return?
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There are 2 main types of returns you want to see on your performance report. What’s the difference?

What NOT to Compare on Performance Reports
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By definition and design, different types of reports produce different numbers.

Explain my Performance Report
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Here’s a brief explanation of the basic terms you might find on your performance report.

Krisan Marotta: Creating Family Memories
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When our children were young, we decided to budget for memory making. Birthdays, holiday celebrations and family vacations became our primary memory making tools. We invested in birthdays.

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