How To Prepare For The “Coming Financial Apocalypse”

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I receive a fair number of videos, emails and articles about the coming financial crash. It is always nigh. It is always imminent. And, unfortunately, it almost always includes some bad financial advice.

The cause is deficit spending, the growing debt, entitlement spending, rising taxes, the elite, the banking cartel, the energy companies, Obamacare, aging baby-boomers, the administration, the NSA, the government, the world government…

The expected outcome is vague but terrifying. The banks will close, trade will cease, mobs will roam the city streets looking for people to eat. The cause and effect for these horrors isn’t clear, but what it clear is that you need to take action in order to save yourself and those you love from this inevitable collapse of civilization.

Being prepared is always a good idea. But you should be just as prepared for the possibility that the world as we know it is not ending.

Here is my series of articles on how to prepare for the “coming financial apocalypse.”

Is A Financial Apocalypse Coming?

Should you buy as much gold as you can get your hands on?

Should I Get Out Of Debt Before Civilization Collapses?

This is much better advice if civilization is continuing than if it is collapsing.

Is It The End Of The Line For Stock Investments?

If you are 50 years or younger will you see any of your retirement money?

If It’s TEOTWAWKI, Should I Have Paid Off My Mortgage?

Why would you want to use valuable dollars today when you can use cheaper dollars over the next three decades?

Should I Be Storing Food, Water and Firearms?

Preparing for TEOTWAWKI is helpful for lesser emergencies.

Should I Wait Until After The End Of The World To Start Investing?

When the dust settles, can I really buy things for pennies on the dollar?

Is It Really Time To Get Out Of The City?

Should I fear panicked looting and riots when the food distribution fails?

And here is an account of how this series was received by the media:

Sensational Headlines Capture Nation’s Attention

In addition to learning how a viral story can get many of the facts wrong, another more important lesson can be learned from this experience.

Media Storm Surrounding Marotta Advice

Recently we had one of our blogs posts go viral and capture the attention of the national news

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