Preparing for Death

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I recently stumbled upon an interesting website called OK to Die which has resources for preparing for and dealing with either your own death or the death of another. Their mission statement is:

We know that Americans who are unprepared for death are more likely to make choices that allow or cause unnecessary suffering for themselves and their families.

In contrast, proper advanced planning creates a powerful opportunity for the end-of-life to become a time of peace, closure and even healing.

Our mission is to create conditions in which people: plan ahead, make their peace, understand that it is OK to die naturally, and make educated choices which allow them to pass away peacefully and comfortably surrounded by those who love them most.

We believe that public discussion of issues related to death and dying will have the added benefits of healing personal relationships, strengthening communities, and politically unifying the nation.

Although we do support gaining control over end-of-life processes, we do not support euthanasia, suicide, or physician-assisted suicide. We believe that palliative and hospice care hold the answers to the question: “How do we create peace at the end of life and how can we have a good death?”

They currently have four “Death Preparation Checklists.” Here are links to the most recent download files:

  1. Planning Your Death
  2. Death of a Loved One
  3. Someone Has Died
  4. Bucket List

The site appears to have many resources which could be helpful for anyone experiencing the dying process.

In one of my college Psychology classes, I learned that us newer generations handle death very poorly compared to generations past. We rarely witness a natural death. Many movies depict over-the-top dramatic deaths. Many pets are euthanized. Many elderly die tucked away in nursing homes. Having never seen death, it leaves us unprepared. We feel as though they are the first, even though we know this is not true.

I commend this website for saying that it is OK to die. I commend them for supporting the fight for life. I hope their resources help you and your loved ones.

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