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Women Have Unique Financial Needs
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Retirement planning is even more crucial for women than for men.

Portfolio Recommendation Beats S&P 500 By 9.4%
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Timing the markets this past year was nearly impossible.

Credit Card Karate: The Moves to Block Spending
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Just remove the decimal place. The $8.50 lunch you charge will cost you $850 in your retirement.

Using a Credit Card Properly
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Your time is worth more than sifting through the ashes of advertising looking for valuables.

Video: Small Business Owners Benefit Most from Tax Planning
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Small business owners enjoy more flexibility when it comes to tax maneuvering. That’s why tax planning is especially important for small businesses. Whether your business employs one employee or one hundred employees, last-minute tax moves can save you money, if you act before the end of the year.

Make Sure Your Credit Card Has Smart Features
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Themed rewards tend to be toward the low end and cash rewards are apt to be higher. Get the cash.

Video: Year-End Tax Planning Could Significantly Save You Money
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Even if you didn’t make a penny more next year, how can you have more dollars for next year’s holiday
season? Reduce your taxes. Between now and the end of the year there are several last-minute tax moves that may save you significant amounts of money. After January 1st, there’s little to do but pay-up.

The Whip Cracks Both Ways
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Volatility, therefore, is a matter of perspective. Like the crack of a whip.

Time To Rebalance Your Portfolio Again
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Because the markets changed course at least once over the past year, rebalancing tended to improve returns.

Video: College Planning is Worth a Million Bucks
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Four-years of college currently cost $60,000 at a public university. In eighteen years, it may cost more than $145,000. To stay ahead of rising tuition costs, you should plan ahead and save early. Tax-favored 529 accounts can help you provide an excellent college education for your children and grandchildren.

Radio: A Better Plan For Healthcare
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Public policy to increase choices for healthcare coverage.

The Case Against Centralized Health Care
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You may have to jail a few rebels for health insurance evasion.

Video: Be Smart When You Roll Over Your 401(k)
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There are few better investment returns than an employer’s matching contribution made to your 401(k). But after you retire or leave that company’s employment, you should almost always roll your 401(k) into an IRA for better investment choices. Being smart by rolling over your 401(k) can pay dividends for decades.

Video: Be Smart When You Rollover Your 401(k)
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After you retire or leave that company’s employment, you should almost always roll your 401(k) into an IRA for better investment choices.

A Compromise to Achieve Universal Coverage
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We need a safety net, not a hammock.

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