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Our Articles

Radio: Financial Time Perspective
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David Marotta discusses how our time perspective influences our lives.

Owners of Second Homes: Beware of New Tax Laws
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A shortage of people are buying real estate and we’ve passed a one-per-customer tax incentive law.

When Will The Markets Stop Dropping?
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There is always a day of reckoning when people use debt to leverage their investments.

Dropping the Baton in Estate Titling
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How you “title” the property you own is a lot more important than you might think. Failure to title your assets properly could undo the best will and trust planning that money can buy.

Marotta Advisors Join NAPFA Bus In Richmond, Virginia
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Fee-Only financial advisors will be in cities across the country to conduct free advice events.

Keep Christmas Your Own Way
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This year, give your family the gift of financial peace of mind. Celebrate the season simply.

Radio: Keeping Christmas Your Own Way
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David Marotta discusses celebrating Christmas.

Give Generously During Hard Times
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For charity to be a virtue, it must be freely given from your own resources.

The Assault on Free Markets
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Free markets are under assault in America. We have seen much hyperbole and slander in these past two years of political polarization. But the idea of capitalism and free markets has received more negative campaigning and vicious attack than both candidates combined.

Avoiding Another Lost Decade
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But if you were invested in a balanced portfolio, you did not lose this past decade.

Part 2: Privatization Could Fix Social Security
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Privatization eliminates benefits for those who can do better with 5% of their payroll taxes than the government does with the entire 12.4%.

Part 1: Social Security Is Still Broken
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All this toil to maintain an average benefit of about $12,000 a year!

Radio: The Impending Social Security Disaster
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David Marotta discusses how Social Security could offer more benefit for less cost.

The Seven Steps of Financial Preparedness
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When a hurricane threatens, making a plan and gearing up for emergencies is imperative. Economic emergencies happen too, but it may be less obvious how to prepare. Here are seven steps you should take to weather any financial storm.

Our Financial Crisis: The Result of Centralized Planning
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Regulation and centralized planning have caused financial instability and failing institutions. If this is the root cause, then many of the proposed solutions will only make matters worse.

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