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Manisha Thakor: The Joy of Sleeping Well At Night
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“Sleeping well at night knowing our household is 100% debt free is truly priceless.” – Manisha Thakor, personal finance expert & author.

$ ?s: Gifting to the Grandchildren
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Q: I inherited shares of five stocks from my parents, who died many years ago. I am now 70 years old and would like to gift them to my grandchildren. How do you recommend I do this?

Holly P. Thomas: View from the Porch
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“Sunrises in my rocking chair, sipping coffee and watching the fog unveil each day.”

A Wealth of Satisfaction
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True life planning begins when you realize you are unique. There will never be another you in the history of the universe. Your calling is yours alone. Understanding yourself is the first step in managing your financial affairs to support your life plan.

Rich Dad, Amused Daughter
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Fun has no price tag and cannot simply be ordered online plus $3.99 shipping and handling. It’s true that money can enable experience but it cannot replace it. There is an art to having fun and it needs to be taught.

David John Marotta: Solve the Problems Which Money Can Solve
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Even though money was tight, having margin in our budget for unknown unknowns kept us from punishing a student simply because they lacked experience bidding painting jobs.

Matthew Illian: Spending Money Never Tasted So Good
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Just a few weeks ago, my wife and I were going to join a diverse group of friends for dinner. My wife said we would bring dessert but on the day of the event, there was no time for baking.

What is One of Your Favorite Things that You’ve Been Able To Do with Your Money?
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Perhaps one of the most important parts of wealth management is learning what questions are worth asking.

Who Pays For Corporate Taxes?
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“We tax cars, land and corporations. It is a good thing that people don’t have to pay them!”

Libertarians Suspect the FDA Does as Much Harm as Good
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It isn’t crazy to suspect that the FDA does as much harm as good. And if you begin to suspect that, you are on your way to admitting that you might be more libertarian than Republican or Democrat

Investing Mostly in Bonds Means a Lower Lifestyle in Retirement
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In the midst of this turmoil, especially after this past summer’s sharp drop, many investors wonder if they should put all of their investments into something safe and avoid the markets altogether.

Rich Dad, Thankful Daughter
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Often times I wouldn’t buy for myself what my parents thought was needed. Items my parents thought were essential for me to own were purchased by them.

Video: Even Investment Losses Can Save You Money
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In the process of building wealth, saving a penny on your taxes is just as important as earning a penny in the markets.

Three Reasons to Give Thanks
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Here are three reasons to make time for thanksgiving during this national holiday weekend.

Video: Gifting Appreciated Securities Can Save You Money
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Americans are a generous people, and the end of the year is the time of year when most people do their charitable giving.

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