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Video: The Five Most Important Documents to Have
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Communicating honestly about your finances with your family and putting your estate in order passes on a legacy of foresight and financial wisdom that will help generations to come.

Radio: Cash For Clunkers
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David Marotta discusses the politics of “Cash for Clunkers.”

Investment Strategies Part 5: In Defense of Diversification
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Diversifying your asset allocation among investments with a low correlation can and should reduce your portfolio’s volatility and boost your returns. But critics are claiming this strategy is no longer valid. That’s because they don’t understand the nature of what happened in 2008.

The False Lure of Multi-Level Marketing
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Entrepreneurship is for those who feel empowered by hard work, not those trying to escape it.

Seven Termites That Eat Your 401(k)
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We call the difference between the market return and typical investor returns the “termite gap.”

Video: Choose the Appropriate Investment Vehicle
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There are significant advantages to using different investment vehicles in different types of accounts.

Now’s the Time to Buy a House
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Mortgage rates are at historical lows, so the next few years are the time to take advantage of them.

Video: The Seven Steps of Financial Preparedness
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Here are seven steps you should take to weather any financial storm.

Radio: Tax Management And Planning
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David Marotta discusses how to increase your after-tax net worth.

A Full Credit Lockdown
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Identity theft is becoming distressingly common as personal information becomes easier to swipe.

Video: How to Avoid Higher Cost Mutual Funds
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Investing in some mutual funds is like buying a $3 candy bar and paying $5 shipping and handling. All mutual funds are not created equal, and you can boost your returns by doing a little homework before writing a check.

Last-Minute Tax Savings for College Expenses
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Virginia 529 plans allow for an unlimited carry-forward deduction.

Video: Managing Cash is Key to Meeting Goals
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Managing your family’s cash is key to meeting your financial goals.

Safeguard #8: Avoid an Advisor with a Lavish Lifestyle
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There will always be swindlers masquerading as investment advisors. You can learn to recognize such people by their over-the-top lifestyle.

Video: Foreign Freedom Investing
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Countries with the most economic freedom generally do better than the international index.

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