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Subscribe and receive the free presentation: 10 Money Ideas for Retirement
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David John Marotta presents ten important wealth management ideas for those in and approaching retirement.

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Subscribe so you won’t miss a single Wealth Management Carnival!

Subscribe and receive free presentation: Last Chance for a Massive Roth Conversion
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David John Marotta presents how to use Roth conversions, segregations and recharacterizations to put the most money where it will never be taxed again in the most tax efficient manner.

Mailbag: Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early?
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Some say don’t make extra payments, take the tax deduction. Others say you need to be debt free.

$ ?s: Dividend Portfolios Carry Hidden Risks (Part 1)
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Dividend investors are too easily lulled into the temporary comforts of portfolio income.

Capital Gains Tax Rising
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Starting in 2013, pending further legislation, the capital gains tax will go up to 20%.

George Marotta Featured in Reuters Article by Linda Stern
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The 85-year-old Palo Alto patriarch has turned helping his 10 grandchildren into a hobby that has paid off for multiple generations.

The Efficient Frontier
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The efficient frontier measures all investments on a scale of risk and return. Risk is commonly placed on the x-axis, and return is placed on the y-axis.

Mailbag: How Should I Invest a Roth IRA that My Children Will Inherit?
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Should it be invested aggressively, like 100% equities, or use the same split as my taxable investments, such as 50-50 stocks vs bonds?

Buffett is Winning $1M Wager with Hedge Funds
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Buffett estimates that he has a 60% chance of winning. This is in line with statistics suggesting that low cost funds beat high cost funds more than half the time.

Burton Malkiel Picks Bonds as ‘Worst Asset Class for Investors’
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Even if the overall inflation rate is only 2.25% in the next 10 years, an investor who holds a 10-year Treasury until maturity will realize a zero real return after inflation.

Double-Taxed Dividends: Going Up
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The qualified dividend tax rate is currently at a maximum of 15%, as are capital gains. Starting January 1, 2013, dividend tax rates will go up to the investor’s ordinary income rate.

Value: The Third Factor of Investing
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A stock’s valuation is measured on a continuum from “value” to “growth” In broad strokes, value stocks are cheap and growth stocks are expensive.

How Do I Allocate Investments with Capital Gains Among Taxable and Traditional IRA Accounts?
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There is a distinction between existing high capital gains exposure in a mutual fund verses future capital gains you expose yourself to.

Before You Say “I Do”: Money & Marriage Exercise 5
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My wife and I have six of our eight grandparents who are living well into their 80s and 90s.

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