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$ ?s: Six AMT Reduction Strategies
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There are two opposing approaches to limit your AMT tax. The obvious strategy is to lower your income so you avoid this AMT bull’s-eye. The less obvious approach is to raise your income.

Risk – Return Decisions
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Portfolio construction begins with the most basic allocation between investments that offer a greater chance of appreciation (stocks) and those that provide portfolio stability (bonds). There is no such thing as a safe investment that pays market rates of return.

What Is Comprehensive Wealth Management?
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Advisors who offer comprehensive wealth management are like financial concierges. Their only goal is to meet your needs. If you ask for fresh strawberries, they try to find them for you.

Tax Planning: Choose the Appropriate Investment Vehicles
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Here are some additional tax planning resources regarding choosing the appropriate investment vehicles.

Tax Efficient Investing
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It can be useful to maintain a grid where all of the available asset classes are arranged in order, by tax efficiency and potential return based on time horizon, so clients can clearly see when and where tax-deferral can offer the greatest benefits.

How To Avoid Drowning in College Debt
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Debt burdens are relative. For example, a $58k college debt will feel doable to a doctor making $100k+ per year and overwhelming to a lower wage employee. A degree should not cost more than your future earning power will sustain.

More Wall Street Than Main Street
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“Average American investors start to worry that FINRA will damage their relationship with independent financial advisors.”

Radio: Social Security
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David John Marotta and Matthew Illian were interviewed on radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show discussing Social Security and how to get the most from filing at the right time.

Are Investment Management Fees Tax Deductible?
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I often get asked, “Are investment management fees tax deductible?” The answer is not a simple “yes” or “no.” Like many tax questions, the answer is “It depends.”

How is Freedom Investing Working Out?
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How the five countries with the most economic freedom (Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland and Canada) and Emerging Markets have been faring in comparison to the EAFE Index?

Report: Clients Confused About Standards and Don’t Care
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Unfortunately few consumers understand what a fiduciary standard means to them.

$ ?s: College Grads Must Decide: Retire Debt or Retirement?
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Saving for your retirement by ignoring your high-interest debt burden is an exercise in futility.

Stress Is Not Your Enemy
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How often do you intentionally push yourself to discomfort? Do you think the best retirement is relaxing and recreating? Think again.

A Fiduciary Standard is Good, Old-Fashioned Common Sense
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“Unfortunately, some are also misleading the public by saying that a fiduciary standard would prevent the delivery of financial services to middle-American Main Street investors.”

How Do Financial Advisors Earn Their Fee?
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Investment fees are generally about 1% of assets under management and drop as assets rise. The critical question to ask is “Where do financial advisors add value that might exceed the 1% fee they charge?”

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