Rebalancing Asset Classes and Subcategories

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Diversifying your portfolio means finding assets that have value on their own merits but do not move exactly alike.

Here are the principles of building and rebalancing asset classes and subcategories:

Rebalance Accounts Regularly

Portfolio Rebalancing Boosts Returns

Regular Adjustments Maximize
Retirement Success

How to Maximize Long-Term Returns

Invest in All Six Asset Classes

Investment Strategies
Part 1:
Rebalance into Stable Investments in an Appreciating Market

Investment Strategies
Part 2:
Use Correlation to Define Asset Classes

Investment Strategies
Part 3:
Rebalance Regularly Between Asset Classes and Subcategories

Investment Strategies
Part 4:
Don’t Rebalance at the Sector Level

Investment Strategies
Part 5:
In Defense of Diversification

Mailbag: How do you measure how far
out of balance a portfolio is?

Your Portfolio Needs Rebalancing
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