September 24, 2017

One Successful Way To Find Happiness

Kittenomics #28

Research suggests that the quality of your choices help determine happiness. In fact, staying married over the long-term boosts happiness while remaining single declines it. For whatever reason, married people are happier people.

That being said, marriage is also well-known for its difficulties. Some struggles are inevitable, but others are decided by the person you marry.

Meg Jay notes that marriage is your main chance to pick your family in the same way you pick your friends. And Elizabeth Kantor argues Jane Austen’s novels teach us, “In love, look for happiness.” Meaning don’t enter a relationship just for fun, status, comfort, or removing loneliness and insecurity.

Instead, enter a relationship for permanent happiness. Find someone who genuinely has a high regard for you and for whom you genuinely recognize his/her excellence.

This kitten picked a mate he esteems and admires. He has a clear an accurate picture of both her strengths and weaknesses.

Way to go, kitten!

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Photo taken by Simona and used here under Flickr Creative Commons.

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