Do You Know What Your Appliances Cost You?

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Kittenomics #29

Springfield Illinois’s City Water, Light & Power runs energy audits on the efficiency of average appliances. In Virginia, Dominion Power currently charges approximately $0.11075/kWh. Using that, some more expensive findings are:

Appliance  kWh per Cost
Water Heater 400 month $44.30
Deep Freezer 183 month $20.27
Refrigerator 82 month $9.08
(sleep mode)
hour $3.45
Dryer 2.7 load $2.39
Dishwasher 1 load $1.66
Oven (bake) 3.2 hour $1.42
Light Bulb 0.1 4 hrs $1.00
Range Burner (large) 2.4 hour $0.80
Range Burner (small) 1.2 hour $0.40
Washing Machine 0.25 load $0.22
Microwave 0.75 hour $0.08

Numbers last updated April 20, 2013

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