Marotta Retirement Plans Add Managed Unitized Trust Options
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Being able to lower total fees while investing part of the portfolio in slightly higher cost country specific exchange traded funds and being able to use exchange traded funds with strategic factors and add a monthly dynamic tilt is a significant accomplishment.

How to Change Your Investment Election to the Unitized Trust
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You can switch your investment election online through these simple steps.

Seven Techniques for Small Business Wealth Management
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Here are seven techniques for small business owners to build real wealth.

Employers Who Offer A Retirement Plan Have A Fiduciary Responsibility
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Every business owner or director of a non-profit should realize that if they don’t take their fiduciary responsibility seriously they are legally liable for their neglect and inaction.

Navigating Your Employer Retirement Plan Fund Choices
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Since your employer’s plan usually has the most limited number of choices, pick the best it has to offer that fits with in your over all plan.

Choosing Between Your Employee Retirement Account Options
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Putting all of your retirement eggs in one basket is easy to carry, but risky. Fund your employer’s plan with no more than is necessary to get the match and then fund your Roth IRA and build your taxable savings.

Ameriprise Sued By Ameriprise Employees Over Excessive 401k Fees
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A fundamental fiduciary principle is to avoid self-dealing.

The Ideal Retirement Plan Advisor
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Our firm decided to become a 3(38) investment manager because playing this role offers our clients administrative relief. By taking on the role of a 3(38) adviser, we accept responsibility for selecting a prudent investment strategy.

Every Business Should Start a 401(k)
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The president’s hope to restrict the plans should actually make owners more interested in creating one.

How quickly should 401(k) deposits be remitted?
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As the payroll processor at our company, how quickly do I need to deposit 401(k) contributions into employee accounts? -Sincerely, Payroll Pam

Is Your 401(k) Plan Secure?
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Money deducted from your paycheck for retirement typically gets deposited quickly into your 401(k) plan. But this isn’t always the case.

How should I go about picking conservative investments for my 401(k)? ($ ?s)
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As you get closer to the hole with each shot (this could be too much of an assumption for those hack like me) you can focus on precision over power.

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