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Q&A: Can I Fund My HSA with Appreciated Stock?
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Sadly, the IRS is very clear about this; contributions must be cash.

#BestOf2020 Should I Pull Out of the Stock Market Now?
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A timeless question with a consistent answer, this article helps you determine if your asset allocation is appropriate enough that you should continue to stay the course.

SRI Equivocates on The Word ‘Invest’
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Instead of changing your investment strategy, you should focus on changing your spending habits and charitable giving to help further the social good you want in the world.

Do I Want To Give My Financial Advisor Discretion on My Account?
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Having a financial advisor who has discretion over your accounts is only a good idea if your financial advisor is covered under the fiduciary duty and is fee-only.

How to Help Your Children Purchase a Home
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Here are some options for helping your child purchase their first home.

#BestOf2020 Who Pays Taxes and Penalties on 529 Distributions and How?
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Step by step, this article shows how you can determine what taxes and penalties are owed on non-qualified distributions.

Q&A: How Much K-12 Tuition Can I Reimburse from 529 Plan?
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By flowing money through a 529 account, a Virginia tax payer could receive a $575 discount on their private school tuition.

Q&A: Should I Be My Brother’s Power of Attorney?
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Interestingly, being a fiduciary though is not a job description as much as it is descriptive of the kind of job that you do.

How to Avoid an IRMAA Medicare Premium Surcharge 2021
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Depending on your particular case and Social Security agent, you may get your surcharge waived, lowered, or upheld.

#TBT A Year of Financially Healthy Habits
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Want to do the new year well? Here is a month-by-month guide for setting financially healthy habits.

Q&A: If I Close My Oldest Roth IRA, Do I Change My 5-Year Clock?
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Fortunately, closing a specific account doesn’t reset your Roth clock.

How to Turn Monthly Returns Into an Average Annual Return in Excel
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There are three clear options: future value schedule, a product array, or a large table.

Radio: The Haunting of Bob Cratchit
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On Tuesday, December 15, 2020, David John Marotta appeared on Radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show to talk about his newly co-authored book, “The Haunting of Bob Cratchit.”

#TBT The Happy Habits of Appreciation and Gratitude
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This 2016 article reminds us that “there is a very simple place to start the process of changing our destiny: Each day notice the things that make you happy and try experiencing more of them.”

How to View Realized Capital Gains and Losses on Schwab.com
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Sometimes you may want to check in on your current running total of net capital gains during the current tax year. Luckily, there is a page on Schwab Alliance which shows you just that.

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