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Radio: Responsibility of Retirement Plan Sponsors
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If you run a retirement plan at your company, you are responsible to perform periodic reviews to ensure that the plan is the best it can be for participants

What Is Financial Planning?
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Given how few financial advisors have been through the education, certification, and experience require to obtain the CFP® mark, it is no wonder that so few so-called financial planners are actually providing comprehensive financial planning advice.

Asset Allocation Between The United States And The United Kingdom
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A blended portfolio has had a higher mean return than either fund by itself.

Q&A: What financial planning services do you offer?
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We offer comprehensive wealth management services.

What Is Integrated Financial Planning?
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Wise decisions cannot be made in isolation from their impact on other areas of your financial life.

#TBT The Benefits of Saving and Investing Early
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This 2014 article reminds us: don’t wait until you “have more” or “make extra money” – start saving now! It is worth more.

Marotta’s 2018 Fidelity Gone-Fishing Portfolio
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A gone-fishing portfolio using the no-transaction fee funds currently available at Fidelity.

Marotta’s 2018 Fidelity Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculator
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We recommend this gone fishing portfolio for accounts hosted at Fidelity.

Q&A: What are your qualifications?
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We require each Investment Committee member to have, at a minimum, the Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) or Chartered Financial Analyst ® (CFA) designation.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average
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Truly diversified portfolios don’t move in sync with the Dow.

Early Preview of 2019 IRS Forms
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Although this 1040 looks smaller, it is not an upgrade for anyone except for the IRS.

Q&A: What experience do you have?
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Marotta Wealth Management (originally Marotta Asset Management) was founded in 2000 by David John Marotta.

Retirement Plan Sponsors Have A Responsibility To Review Their Plans
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Failure to perform such periodic reviews is a litigatable fiduciary breach.

Calculating Inherited RMDs When the IRA Owner Was Younger
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There is unique tax planning involved though when an age 70 1/2 IRA owner was younger than the beneficiary.

#TBT Marotta’s Frequently Asked Questions
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When interviewing a new financial advisor, we believe there are at least ten important questions to ask. Then, just to be safe, we answered 32 frequently asked questions and welcome more.

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