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Radio: The Debt Ceiling (2023)
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On Tuesday, January 10, 2023, David John Marotta appeared on Radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show with Rob Schilling to talk about the current debt ceiling discussions.

#TBT Do I Want To Give My Financial Advisor Discretion on My Account?
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This is only a good idea if your financial advisor is covered under the fiduciary duty and is fee-only.

The Best Way to Plan for Inflation is to Discount It
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By discounting portfolio returns to only real returns, we have already considered inflation in the planning targets.

Freedom Investing in Review (April 2023)
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This quarter, we saw that in 1-year returns ending April 30, 2023, Developed Freedom Investing had a -2.99% disadvantage, Emerging Market Freedom Investing had a +1.85% advantage, and Overall Freedom Investing had a -0.4% disadvantage.

#TBT Everyone Needs Some Frivolous Purchases
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Everyone needs some fun in their life, and sometimes fun costs a little money. This 2004 article shares six guidelines for dealing with purchases that might be considered frivolous.

2023 Index of Economic Freedom Update
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Last year, thirteen countries made our cut-off. This year, eleven do.

No Guidance on 10-Year RMD Stretch Despite Headlines
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We recommend waiting for the final guidance but being prepared for some sort of required distribution this year.

#TBT How to Handle Your Paycheck Like a Boss
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This throwback to Libby’s first article at Marotta teaches us how to be prepared for life’s expenses and plan ahead for all future goals.

Real Return of Stocks and Bonds by Inflation Type
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If you are expecting high inflation, it may be stocks which offer the greatest security against the diminishing dollar.

#TBT Hitting the Debt Ceiling is Not the End of the World
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This article from 2011 reminds us that if the debt ceiling is reached, the consequences will be large but not entirely harmful.

Did the 2022 Bear Market Continue Into 2023?
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The incongruity between feeling like we are in a bear market for 61.66% of trading days and actually being in a bear market for only 24.81% of those days unfortunately makes bear markets feel longer than they really are.

Employer Matching Student Loan Payments Starting in 2024 (Secure 2.0)
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This amendment applies to 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, SIMPLE IRAs, and governmental 457(b) plans.

#TBT The Price of Listening to Dire Predictions
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While it is always true that a recession will come eventually, shifting to bonds whenever one is predicted has serious consequences.

An Overview of Marotta’s 2023 Gone-Fishing Portfolios
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While our 2022 update saw a number of changes, this year we only have one change.

Marotta’s 2023 Gone-Fishing Portfolio Calculator
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This gone-fishing portfolio is our default portfolio which can be used at any custodian.

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