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Odds Are Your Financial Advisor Is Actually a Salesperson
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SEC-mandated titling will not be enough to save unsuspecting consumers from non-fiduciary financial professionals.

Radio: Finding a Life You Love
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On March 13, 2018, David John Marotta appeared on Radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show to discuss finding a life you love. Also in this show: what David Marotta thinks about his own life calling and a discussion of healthcare and insurance in retirement.

Best Practice for Qualified Charitable Distribution Checks
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If you choose to make a QCD, we suggest saving as much documentation as possible.

New CFP Board Ethics Standards Suggest “Fee Based” Is Misleading
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It will be a welcome change when the CFP Board can force CFP® mark holders to remove misleading content from their websites.

#TBT Is My House an Investment?
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For most families, the largest purchase they make will be their house. This 2011 post reminds us that the house you and your family live in is not an investment, but real estate can be.

Q&A: Should Dividends Be Reinvested?
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A question from our readers, “Should I choose to have dividends reinvested or should I receive them in cash and then reinvest them myself?”

Part 5: The Markets Fail to Remove Risk
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Fraud is the enemy of the free markets. It is theft through deception.

You Can Still Do A Backdoor Roth After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
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Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, you are still allowed to make nondeductible contributions and still allowed to convert IRA assets to Roth IRA.

The IRS Power To Revoke Passports Now In Effect
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It is lazy of the IRS to put the burden of proving innocence on the taxpayer while punishing them as though they are guilty.

How China is Ending U.S. Recycling As We Know It
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Turns out, Charlottesville is not the only area to have their recycling services change this year. In fact, the world’s recycling is affected.

Part 4: The Markets Fail the Utopian Vision
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The markets may fail the Utopian Vision, but only because our Tragic world fails the Utopian Vision.

How to Comply With the SEC’s Strange New Custody Rule
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Compliance is never simple. Thousands of hours have been spent because the SEC refused to clarify what they expect.

Bringing Value with Client Billing
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One obscure way we earn our fee is in how we bill you.

2018 Tax Facts
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Here are the numbers to use as you’re doing tax planning this year. 

Is Portfolio Rebalancing Overrated?
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An article in the Wall Street Journal questions the value of regular rebalancing, but regular rebalancing is a key component of modern portfolio theory.

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