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#TBT Learning to Live on Your Own
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Here are several tips on how to live richly on your own.

Freedom Investing in Review (March 2024)
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This quarter, we saw that in 1-year returns ending March 31, 2024, Developed Freedom Investing had a -5.8% disadvantage, Emerging Market Freedom Investing had a +3.83% advantage, and Overall Freedom Investing had a -2.89% disadvantage.

#TBT Frequency Matters More Than Height
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This 2009 article reminds us, “When we are worried about our expenditures, we tend to look at the dollar amounts more than the frequency of our purchases.” However, to combat mindless spending, we should look to trim recurring expenses first.

Implement a Savings Waterfall for 2024
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With a savings waterfall, you immediately know which buckets to fill when there is excess and which should remain dry if there isn’t enough for all your goals.

#TBT Can a 529 Reimburse for Last Year’s Expenses?
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This article offers an overview of what we know about 529 reimbursement timing.

How to Ensure You Have a Strong Password
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With one memorable password protecting a vault of random ones, you can increase your security immensely while only mildly complicating your access.

#TBT States with Tax-Exempt Interest from U.S. Debt Obligations
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As of 2021, here is an overview of how the states and jurisdictions handle interest on certain U.S. government obligations.

Seven Rules to Using a Credit Card Safely
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These are the seven rules to using a credit card safely.

#TBT How to Keep Your Identity Safe Online
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This 2015 article has five rules for safely handling your digital security which you can’t afford not to implement.

In Roth Conversions, Reducing Political Risk May Be One of the Benefits
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Converting early can avoid your exposure to tax changes going forward as a Roth IRA is never taxed again.

#TBT Tackling College Costs at the Eleventh Hour
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The best way to climb the mountain of college costs is gradually, but if you need to make some last minute leaps, our government has a few tax-related strategies.

2024 Index of Economic Freedom Update
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Last year, eleven countries made our cut-off. This year, twelve do.

Updates to Our Emerging Markets Strategy (March 2024)
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Because of Mexico’s current valuation, we believe that it has the possibility to perform well regardless of how this potential conflict resolves.

#TBT The Benefits of Free Trade Agreements
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Regardless of which way the balance of trade says the surplus falls, we and our trading allies benefit from the exchange.

Q&A: How Should I Invest My Cash?
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Our recommendation is to keep money that may be needed within the next six months invested in a money market fund.

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