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Individual 401(k) Elective Deferral Limits and Deadlines
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You as the business owner have until the tax-filing deadline to complete both your profit-sharing and elective deferral contributions.

#TBT Which Products Do You Buy and Which Do You Avoid?
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The selection of what products we purchase or avoid for clients is based solely on what we believe gives our clients the best chance to meet their goals.

Q&A: What Should I Name My Donor Advised Fund?
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For better or for worse, you simply get to pick a name.

When to Enroll in Medicare
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If your miss your initial enrollment eligibility window, then your premiums are hit with a late enrollment penalty.

How to eSign a Schwab Form
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At this time, Schwab has an extensive but limited list of forms which are eligible for electronic signature. As a part of our Paperwork Preparation bonus service, you can request that we send you paperwork using Schwab’s eSignature system when available.

#TBT Learning to Live on Your Own
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Here are several tips on how to live richly on your own.

Review: USAA Cashback Rewards Plus American Express Credit Card
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This is a fairly easy way to receive a 5% reward for my gasoline purchases but it does require that you have a family member who served in the military.

How to Use Schwab’s Investment Income Feature
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Like many new features on Schwab’s website, they must be used responsibly to not create problems.

#TBT How To Get Out Of Debt
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This five-part series on “How to Get Out of Debt” will try to address the concerns of those who have debt problems.

Low Fees Correlate with Simple Disclosures
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We think keeping expenses low is an important part of the investing process.

Q&A: Should I Jointly Hold My Donor Advised Fund?
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If you jointly decide and execute your charitable giving, then it makes sense to have both partners listed as account holders on the Donor Advised Fund. However, if you have separate charitable intentions and budgets, you can easily set up two different donor advised funds, one for each spouse to use and direct.

VIDEO: Financial Calculator Tutorial for a 5-Year Loan Payment
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In this video we are going to compute the first mortgage payment of the 5-year loan used in the article “How to Help Your Children Purchase a Home.”

#TBT Customer Service Lessons from Toddler Parenting
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Although emotions do mature with age, many of the things that upset toddlers upset adults too, we just hide it better.

Four Simple But Effective Conversion Target Calculations
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Doing some conversion is usually much better than doing no conversion at all. We offer these four simple but effective strategies to calculate a good-enough conversion target for this year.

Review: SavorOne Credit Card by Capital One
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Once set up, the extra rewards may be worth the extra effort.

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