Setting Your Children Up for Financial Success (Podcast)

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On August 3, 2021, Megan Russell was featured on the 20th episode of the Brendon Marotta Show (recorded on June 29, 2021). Brendon Marotta is a filmmaker, author, and public speaker. He is also my brother.

On the podcast, I share my experiences from my own parenting and how we can set ourselves and our children up for financial success.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • [1:19] How early to start setting up your children for financial success
  • [2:52] Habits you can create with money that your children can emulate
  • [6:45] How to give children the opportunity to make their own choices about money
  • [9:38] How to help your children navigate through the challenging aspects of money
  • [14:27] Handling your children’s questions about making money
  • [21:50] How to guide your kids to find a career they’re interested in
  • [23:29] How to support your kids in careers you may not understand
  • [25:40] Seven Lessons School Teacher by John Taylor Gatto
  • [26:28] How to foster entrepreneurial skills in your child
  • [30:00] Criticisms of the Millennial generation
  • [31:20] How to handle changes in beliefs around money
  • [34:21] What you can do to give your kids a good start with money
  • [37:26] Easy things you can do to understand personal finance
  • [39:17] How crypto-currencies can be a part of your savings plan
  • [41:20] Where to put your money to save for your kids
  • [44:08] How to support your children financially without spoiling them
  • [49:20] Identifying and reframing your beliefs about money
  • [56:09] How to not use money as a punishment
  • [60:00] Customer Service Lessons from Toddler Parenting by Megan Russell

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Megan Russell has worked with Marotta Wealth Management most of her life. She loves to find ways to make the complexities of financial planning accessible to everyone. She is the author of over 800 financial articles and is known for her expertise on tax planning.