Review: 2012 Market Commentary

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Review: 2012 Market Commentary

2012 has come to a close, and 2013 is off to a good start. For those interested in reflecting on the past year, we’ve collected some 2012 year-end market commentary by Marotta Wealth Management Staff.

Beth Nedelisky looks ahead: Are Bonds the Next Bubble? Long-term government bonds outperformed stocks over the past 20 years ending in 2011, but the next 20 years may be a very different story.

We also suggest taking a look at Dimensional Fund Advisors’ fairly comprehensive review of the markets: 2012 Advisor Review: Economy & Markets

David John Marotta reminds us in his 2012 Asset Allocation in Review that asset allocation means always having something to complain about.

Megan Russell gives timeless advice on Market Timing.

Happy New Year!

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