Radio: The Potential for Government Thought Control

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Radio: The Potential for Government Thought Control

David John Marotta was interviewed on radio 1070 WINA’s Schilling Show discussing the internet, the government, and growing distrust of communication being free.

Listen to the segment here:


Other questions to ponder:

  • By what criteria does the government identify the originators of dangerously contagious ideas?
  • By what methods does the government persecute the sources of these ideas?
  • What is the government’s role in quelling discontent?
  • Are the government’s actions in heavy-handed surveillance and control causing the very social unrest they are designed to squelch?
  • How much do the political parties agree that the government should be nudging people in as many ways as possible?
  • What is the social cost of such nudging? Does it do more harm than good?
  • How much are our news sources selected and filtered for us?
  • Is Radio a better media simply because it is not as easily filtered automatically by computer algorithms?
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David John Marotta is the Founder and President of Marotta Wealth Management. He played for the State Department chess team at age 11, graduated from Stanford, taught Computer and Information Science, and still loves math and strategy games. In addition to his financial writing, David is a co-author of The Haunting of Bob Cratchit.