Q&A: Do You Offer Roth Conversion Planning for Someone Who Is Not a Client?

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Q&A: Do You Offer Roth Conversion Planning for Someone Who Is Not a Client?

I recently received the following question:

Do you offer Roth conversion planning for someone who is not a client?

Thanks so much for contacting us! Kudos to you for noticing the value of Roth conversions! You are ahead of most. Most people vastly underestimate the value of systematic Roth conversions.

For our “Comprehensive” level clients, we offer customized Roth conversion target recommendations through our tax review service. Over a client’s lifetime, we believe this service can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in many cases for high net worth clients millions of dollars. But, even as a part of an ongoing client relationship, this service can require 4 to 6 hours of nonstop work for our specialist to complete a single review depending on the complexity of the client’s situation.

Time-consuming services like this were one of the obstacles to launching our “Do-It-Yourself” service level, which has no account minimums. For this reason, we decided to reserve Tax Reviews and Roth conversion analysis as premium services only available to our “Comprehensive” service level clients.

For this reason and at this time, we are not able to offer this service to individuals who are not clients.

That being said, you have three options for getting more help from us on this matter.

First, if you are interested in becoming a client, we would be happy to meet with you. Our prospective client meetings are free and it is easy to get started as a client.

Second, we have written a few articles to help people find a Roth conversion target when they are doing it themselves.

Here are two of those:

You can find more articles on the topic by browsing this page here.

Third, we often select new article topics from Contact Form requests we receive. If you feel you have a complex case that is not answered or addressed by articles previously written, you can try asking your questions of us and see if we respond. I cannot guarantee that we will answer your question, but you are always permitted to ask.

Although there is a “best conversion” and we can do our best to predict which plan it is, even the “worst conversion” plan can save hundreds of thousands or even millions of after-tax value over doing nothing. Just converting something is often the right move.

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