Eight Worst Money Tips for New Grads

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8 Worst Money Tips for New GradsMy article, 8 Worst Money Tips for New Grads,  targets high school grads who are preparing to experience independence but it applies to anyone who still coming to grips with the realities of financial independence. I originally wrote this column with the voice of a Dutch Uncle admonishing  college students to stay out of financial ruin.  After reading this work, I quickly realized that no college students wants to be told what to do.  I then started over and found inspiration to channel a sarcastic-college-mind and came up with this finished product. Hope you enjoy!

Of the eight, here are two of my favorite words of (reverse psychology) advice:

3. Don’t pay attention to bank overdraft fees. Bankers are here to help you by offering this so-called additional service up to 10 times a day. Declining this feature, which charges an average of $30 per offense, only limits the service they provide. You’d probably just take your girlfriend to dinner or sponsor a child for a year. No doubt the bank will do the same with your money!

This seems especially pertinent coming out on the same day that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a report on bank and credit union overdraft practices which suggests a spike in these fees.

7. Don’t plan ahead and buy your college textbooks online at a website like slugbooks.com. Consider your university’s shrinking endowment and do your part.

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