Investing Edition–Wealth Management Carnival #6
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This week’s carnival is concerned with investments, investing styles, and how to stay focused. There are just about as many investing philosophies as there are investors, so read a range of opinions and form your own.

Retirement – Wealth Management Carnival #5
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This week’s carnival deals with retirement plans and plans to retire. We hear some talk about retirement accounts, a blueprint for retiring early, and that baby boomers are going back to work.

Budgeting – Wealth Management Carnival #4
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This week’s Carnival is centered around Budgeting. How do you budget — or do you budget? Do you keep up with your money down to the penny, or do you have broad categories and a ballpark idea of how you’re doing?

Financial Tips – Wealth Management Carnival #3
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This week’s Carnival is an eclectic mix of tips, tricks, and advice about everything from teaching children about money, to credit cards, to tips for students, to ideas on spicing up your work life.

Ten Life Planning Lessons – Wealth Management Carnival #2
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In our second edition of the Wealth Management Carnival, we’re linking to articles about general life planning, from good habits to cultivate, to life insurance considerations, to financial calculators.

Seven Interesting Investment Ideas — Wealth Management Carnival #1
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In the Wealth Management Carnival, we share 7 Interesting Articles from other sources. From advice to diversify investments to index fund criteria to choosing a bank, this month we found seven articles that discussed various investing ideas.

How the Wealth Management Carnival Works
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A Blog Carnival is like a magazine. It has a title, a topic, editors, contributors, and an audience. Editions of the carnival come out periodically (usually twice monthly).

Capital Gains Tax Rising
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Starting in 2013, pending further legislation, the capital gains tax will go up to 20%.

Double-Taxed Dividends: Going Up
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The qualified dividend tax rate is currently at a maximum of 15%, as are capital gains. Starting January 1, 2013, dividend tax rates will go up to the investor’s ordinary income rate.

Schwab: Using a Donor Advised Fund for Your Charitable Giving
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A Donor Advised Fund is a way to give small amounts to many charities. But take a look at the pros and cons of this strategy before diving in.

Schwab: What Does Total Capital Gains Mean Under Income Summary
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On my Charles Schwab Statement, what does “Total Capital Gains” mean under Income Summary?

Austin Johnston: A Sense of Independence
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One of my favorite things I’ve been able to do with money was something I did after finishing school, moving, and getting my first full-time job. I was out on my own, and I wanted to do something extra once I was independent.

Charitable Giving: How to Choose Appreciated Stock
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Christmas is coming. This is the time of year to consider charitable giving. Let us assume you have decided you want to give appreciated stock instead of writing a check. Now what?

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