Investing Edition–Wealth Management Carnival #6

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This week’s carnival is concerned with investments, investing styles, and how to stay focused. There are just about as many investing philosophies as there are investors, so read a range of opinions and form your own.

Investing Edition--Wealth Management Carnival #6

1. Saving is Not Equal to Investing — But How?
Joe presents The Difference Between Saving and Investing posted at Personal Finance By The Book.
Most of us innately know that saving and investing are not the same, but do we understand the difference? Because clarity in this distinction can greatly impact one’s financial well being, realizing these difference is vital. The key is in two words: risk and liquidity. . . .

2. We All Need Motivation to Stick to Our Plans
Glen Craig presents 5 Tips for Helping You Stick with Your Investment Strategy posted at Free From Broke .
Having an investment strategy is great an all but it’s only as good as your resolve to stick with it. Here are five tips to help you stay with your investing strategy.

3. But What Is an ETF Anyway? Miranda Explains.
Miranda @ Excess Return presents What is an ETF and How Does it Work? posted at Excess Return.
One of the fastest growing investing products is the exchange-traded fund, or ETF. ETFs haven’t been around for very long, but they are quickly gaining in popularity, due to how easy it is to trade them, and the relatively low costs that come with them. Undoubtedly, most investors have heard of ETFs, yet many are still wondering exactly what an ETF is and how it works.

4. Nest Egg Creep, Not Lifestyle Creep!
Michael presents Build a Bigger Nest Egg Through ‘Investment Creep’ posted at Financial Ramblings.
Turn the principles underlying lifestyle creep in your favor. Ratchet up your savings rate every time you get a raise. If you don’t see it, you won’t miss it. These small, regular increases will translate into huge savings down the line.

5. Considering Real Estate for Portfolio Diversity
Pierre presents Adding Real Estate To My Passive Income Flows posted at Intelligent Speculator.
How you can add real estate to your portfolio.

6. An Alternative to “Buy and Hold”
Ken Faulkenberry presents Why Tactical Asset Allocation is Changing the Investment World posted at Arbor Investment Planner.
Tactical asset allocation is an active strategy that includes continual management of risk through portfolio rebalancing to a flexible asset allocation target based on value.

7. Reasons to Love Passive Investing –Especially for Canadians
Young presents Why Is There No Competition For the TD E-Series? posted at Young And Thrifty.
Unlike my pal Young and several of my other favorite financial bloggers, I am a 100% advocate of passive investing. Its much easier then trying to guess!

8. If You Favor a Dividend Strategy….
Dividend Growth Investor presents Dividends versus Homemade Dividends posted at Dividend Growth Investor.
Relying on dividends in retirement from your nest egg is a superior strategy to selling off portions of your portfolio each year.

9. How Bad is One Bad Investment?
Div Guy presents It Takes 1 Stock To Crash Your Portfolio And 1 Stock To Bring it Back To Life posted at The Dividend Guy Blog.
We go over the impact of one bad trade.


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