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Tax Cuts For Those Who Pay
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The people who pay the highest taxes get the most benefit from a tax reduction. Tax them too much, attack them for being wealthy, and they just may not show up at the table anymore.

Tax Freedom Day 2003 Arrives in Virginia on April 15th
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If you add the costs of complying with government regulations, the cost to society is over 50%. Imagine the economic boom if the other half of workers’ labor were set free to boost productivity!

The History of Mutual Funds
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Today, we have 8,269 mutual funds. About one-third of all common stocks are held in mutual funds.

Don’t Tax Dividends Twice
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The current distorted tax system has resulted in a steady decline of dividend payouts over the past two decades and was a major contributing factor in the stock market bubble of 1999 and recent three-year bust.

Will The U.S. Go The Way Of Japan?
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In the US we allow companies to go bankrupt when they cannot succeed in business.

The Democratization Of Wealth
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I say, “Let the rich be rich!”

Strategies for Today’s (Fall, 2002) Stock Market Investing: Why Your Portfolio May Not Be Ready
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Recently record amounts of money have been taken out of stocks and put into bonds. These investors assume that at least their money will be safer in cash or bonds. These assumptions are wrong.

The United States: Capitalist Model to the World
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Let’s not change those things that made us successful in the first place: Maximum freedom for the individual.

The Five Most Important Documents to Have
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If you think estate planning information is hard for you to pull together, imagine how difficult it will be for someone else who is asked to fill your shoes in an emergency!

How to Avoid Higher Cost Mutual Funds
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If you rely on a commission-based financial product salesperson, you will probably be sold the wrong kind of funds.

How to Avoid Another Stock Market Bubble
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Congress contributed greatly to the bubble through the distorted incentives created by the tax code.

The New World Order
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We all must become volunteers in fight against terrorism in order to maintain the new world order.

Tax Freedom Day Arrives in Virginia on April 24th, 2002
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Despite the small decrease, the size of the federal government is still at an unprecedented level.

High Prices For Energy Are Good!
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Higher energy prices will encourage alternative sources of energy that are more environmental friendly.

One Day To Take Stock Of Our Giant Tax Burden
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Filing federal taxes accounts for 82 percent of the federal government’s entire paperwork burden.

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