Safeguarding Your Money

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I’m often asked if investors should trust their financial advisors. And my short answer, you may be surprised to hear, is “No.” Given all the greed and deceit in the world of financial services you shouldn’t have to trust your financial advisor.

Here is a list of eight safeguards that should be in place to help safeguard your money:

Safeguard #1:
Do Not Allow Your Advisor to Have Custody of Your Investments

Safeguard #2:
Walk Away from “Too Good to Be True”

Safeguard #3:
Insist on Publicly Priced and Traded Investments

Safeguard #4:
Buy Investments That Trend Upward

Safeguard #5:
Understand Your Investment Strategy

Safeguard #6:
Recognize And Avoid Financial Hooks

Safeguard #7:
Avoid Investment Advisors Who Sugarcoat Reality

Safeguard #8:
Avoid an Advisor with a Lavish Lifestyle

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