Marotta Family Saying: Make Half a Mistake

Three generations explain this family saying which teaches one method of mitigating risk.

Marotta Family Saying: Not Good If They Have to Advertise It
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This was part of an intentional anti-ad campaign that my mother instituted to inoculate her children against the power of Madison Avenue.

Marotta Family Story: June Marotta’s KeyBucks
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In the speech, she tells the story of how she taught second through sixth graders about democracy, economics, entrepreneurial endeavors, and personal financial planning.

Marotta Family Saying: Parental Reminder Number 42
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“Parental Reminder #42” reminds us that goodness is something bigger than we can articulate but, even though we cannot express it fully, it is very important.

Marotta Family Saying: Hit by the Bus
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We pride ourselves on regularly and seamlessly offering our services regardless of who is working and who is taking time off.

Marotta Family Saying: Be a Bad Poet
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The phrase “bad poet” reminds me of that day when I was in elementary school. It is a lesson for each of us, regardless of our income level.

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