Radio: How to Win the CNBC Million-Dollar Portfolio Challenge

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David John Marotta was featured on radio 1070 WINA’s Rob Schilling show on September 13, 2011. The topic was the CNBC million-dollar portfolio challenge, and how it does not emulate a good real-life investing strategy.

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David John Marotta is the Founder and President of Marotta Wealth Management. He played for the State Department chess team at age 11, graduated from Stanford, taught Computer and Information Science, and still loves math and strategy games. In addition to his financial writing, David is a co-author of The Haunting of Bob Cratchit.

3 Responses

  1. Steven Johnson

    This is of more than just incidental interest if you are in the contest.

  2. Henry Conrad

    Mr Lewis ,who is a cancer survivor attributed luck and going long and short at the right times…by using the 2x and 3x leveraged ETFs…

  3. RobinTyler

    Would CNBC extend the next “Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge” to other countries such as Singapore. I am sure many Singaporean would like to participate in this exciting contest.