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Want to try your hands at our latest advertising campaign. Either go to the upcoming shows of the Oratorio Society or Ash Lawn Opera to see our puzzle in person or print your own copy from the PDF below.

Click for Puzzle

Click here for the solution to this puzzle.

We love financial puzzles. With great complexity comes great opportunity. Ultimately, we’d love to get the privilege of working with you to figure out how your financial puzzle can be solved. The first question to solve is:

Do my investments give me the best chance of meeting my financial goals?

We’ll answer the question for you in particular if you contact us for a free second opinion on your financial plan.

Did you see this in the theater brochures? Do you want another one for the next show?

Leave us your comments below to get
a new crossword puzzle in your next program.


2 Responses

  1. Myles Mellor

    Dear Megan, Thanks for creating the crossword! I see a lot of hard work went into it! It’s what I do all day so I was intrigued. Good luck with creating more of these. They are enjoyable to figure out. America’s #1 indoor sport!
    Best wishes, Myles

    • Megan Russell

      I’m glad you liked it, Myles!
      After making a puzzle myself, I’m all the more impressed by both crossword puzzle solvers and makers. I look forward to making the next one better.