How to Acquire Prepaid Schwab Cashiering Envelopes

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There are two ways to mail checks to Charles Schwab.

If you are trying to deposit your check into your Schwab Bank account, then you use a deposit slip and envelope to mail the check to Schwab. However, if you are trying to deposit money into an investment account such as a Roth IRA, taxable brokerage, or custodial UTMA then you need to use what is called a cashiering envelope.

Whereas deposit slips have your Schwab Bank account number printed on them, cashiering envelopes are completely generic. If you are a client of ours and you are reading this article, we have a large stack of cashiering envelopes in our office and would be happy to provide you with some to save you the hassle of ordering them from Schwab.

If you must get these envelopes yourself however, unfortunately you must order cashiering envelopes directly from a Schwab agent. There is no completely automated way of requesting them. Luckily though, there are three easy ways to submit the request and all of them are free.

1. You can chat with Schwab while logged in to Schwab Alliance.

After logging in to Schwab Alliance at, click on the “Chat” icon at the top of the page. It looks like this:

A small pop up window will open that looks like this:

This is a chat with Schwab Alliance, the service team that is available to assist institutional clients (those who work with investment advisors). This Schwab chat is open 24/7.

Type in the box:

Will you send me more free Schwab cashiering envelopes?

They will confirm your mailing address and send them to your door. It is very simple.

In general, the Schwab chat is a great work around any time the online banking process is confusing.

2. You can message them via the message center.

Once logged in, the link for the message center is here

You click “upload document” to start the message. Then, you can write them a message like an email. Be sure to include the mailing address you’d like the envelopes to be sent to and how many you would like. They normally respond to these messages after two days, making it the slowest option.

3. You can call them.

Schwab’s main number is 800-515-2157, and they do also have TTY services for the hearing impaired at 800-345-2550. While on the phone, they will ask you where to mail the envelopes and how many you would like.

If you have a smartphone, you can also avoid getting a prepaid envelope entirely. With the Schwab app, you can use your phone’s camera and the Schwab Mobile Deposit tool to cash the check. Schwab has more information about this process along with a video tutorial on their website at

Also, just to be clear, I am not related or affiliated with Charles Schwab in any way. I work for Marotta Wealth Management, an independently owned and operated wealth management firm. We currently use Charles Schwab as the primary custodian for all of our service levels, which is why I have knowledge of how Schwab’s processes work.

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