Deck the Halls with Macro Follies

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After publishing my columns “The Fiscal Cliff Is Almost Everything the Democrats Want” and “The Most Productive Will Owe An Average $119,878 More In Taxes” I’ve gotten several comments from Keynesian liberals to the effect that millions of middle income consumers spending $2,200 each has a greater stimulus than thousands of small business entrepreneurs saving and investing $100,000 each in new ventures.

There are many ways to answer such a comment, but this is certainly the most enjoyable response I’ve seen.

Happy Holidays!

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2 Responses

  1. Luis

    Keynesian economics is not just for liberals. Did you not read the article in my link? Reagan was a Keynesian. I am for Keynesian economics which is only worry about revenue during the boom years. This years democrats and Obama are not following textbook Keynes. Let’s extend Bush tax cuts and increase spending. Those who really understand economics know this is the sensible route to take.

    • Luis

      P.s. Hayek consented to stimulus, so did Reagan, Cheney, Romney, Paulson, etc