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Since 2015, we have been proud to display the original oil paintings of local artist Malcolm Hughes in our Charlottesville office. This fall, we are getting a new collection for our walls and hosting another open house to celebrate the arrival, showcase the paintings, and allow perusal for purchase.

As a dedicated reader of our blog, we would love to get to meet you.

We have no secret ingredient at Marotta Wealth Management. Instead, we openly and publicly publish our strategies as articles on our website. We strive to provide the necessary resources for anyone to prepare their own investment plan and meet their financial objectives.

We actively encourage the do-it-yourself people of financial planning to subscribe to our newsletter and provide themselves with comprehensive wealth management. That being the case, in this event you have an opportunity to meet our staff in a social setting.

The open house will be Monday, October 9th from 3-7pm at our offices.

If you want to learn more about Malcolm, I encourage you to watch the Artist Interview we made with him in 2015 or visit his website at

If you are looking to purchase a piece, prices for framed paintings tend to follow canvas/frame dimensions and are approximately:

  • $425 for a small 6×8
  • $3,800 for an 18×24 inch
  • $6,600 for a 30×40 inch

If you’re in the Charlottesville area, Malcolm will deliver and hang the piece and let you try the painting(s) for a day or two before deciding.

If you want to learn more about Marotta Wealth Management, I encourage you to read our blog. For those interested in artistic topics as well as financial ones, you may enjoy reading our articles “The Business of Being an Artist” or “Aligning Your Money and Your Values.” If you are interested in our portfolio management see “The Complete Guide to Creating an Investment Plan.”

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