A Complete Guide To Donor Advised Funds

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Using appreciated stock for your charitable giving can save thousands of dollars which otherwise would have to be paid in capital gains tax. Shrewd investors use the gifting of appreciated stock to save on their taxes. A donor advised fund may make that process easier.

Why You Should Use a Donor Advised Fund
We highly recommend a Donor Advised Fund for generous investors.
Appreciating Donor Advised Funds
There are five ways that both you and the government could make charitable giving more significant.
A Complete Guide To Using A Donor Advised Account For Your Charitable Giving
A donor advised fund makes giving easier.
Schwab: Using a Donor Advised Fund for Your Charitable Giving
A Donor Advised Fund is a way to give small amounts to many charities. But take a look at the pros and cons of this strategy before diving in.
How To Designate Charitable Gifts In Your Schwab Donor Advised Account
Schwab Charitable Donor Advised Funds make the gifting process easier.
What Asset Allocation Should I Have For My Schwab Donor Advised Fund?
Keeping your donor advised fund invested could result in more benefit to the charities you support.
Mailbag: How can I get started gifting appreciated investments?
Do I start planting investments and then refrain from giving for ten years?
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