As a part of our service to clients, we provide you with quarterly reports which show information pertaining to your asset allocation, change in your portfolio, performance summary by asset class, your portfolio value versus cumulative net investment, contributions and withdrawals by year, yearly performance summary by asset class, and information on our fee for that quarter.

The performance sections shows the time weighted return net of fees for each of the six asset classes (Short Money, US Bonds, Foreign Bonds, US Stocks, Foreign Stocks, and Resource Stocks) as well as the portfolio as a whole for various time periods including since inception.

For more information about our reporting, read our ADV Part 2.

Billing Client Accounts to the Client’s Greatest Benefit

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Investment managers can bring clients greater savings by carefully considering how they bill different types of accounts.

Safeguard #7: Avoid Investment Advisors Who Sugarcoat Reality

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Excellent advisors communicate clearly exactly how bad the markets have been and can be.

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