Tax Planning: Choose the Appropriate Investment Vehicles

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Dorothy and Toto 1040Here are some additional tax planning resources regarding choosing the appropriate investment vehicles:

  1. Choose the Appropriate Investment Vehicle – Part 1 A good investment advisor will tailor the investments to the specific characteristics of the investor’s situation.
  2. Tax Efficient Investing New research shows that tax deferral can potentially increase returns on tax-inefficient assets by as much as 100 bps—without any subsequent increase in risk—simply by locating assets based on their tax treatment between taxable and tax-deferred vehicles.
  3. Video: Choose the Appropriate Investment Vehicle There are significant advantages to putting the appropriate investments into the appropriate type of accounts.
  4. Fourteen Tax Management Techniques No one approaches financial planning with the goal of paying more taxes. Tax management, like all financial planning, is based on the premise that small changes made over time can achieve big goals.
  5. Other tax planning articles

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