Radio: Nine Ways to Secure Your Finances

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Radio: Nine Ways to Secure Your Finances

On June 14, 2016, David John Marotta was interviewed on the Schilling Show discussing ways to secure your finances. These include protecting your identity online and out in the world, and steps you should take to make it more difficult for criminals and identity thieves to steal your personal information.

Listen to the radio interview here:

Here are the things to do to secure your finances:

  1. Have virus protection installed your computer
  2. Use different passwords for every site (Avoid Identity Theft By Using Different Random Passwords On Each Website)
  3. Learn to recognize emails and phone calls intended to steal your identity (Ten Red Flags Of Emails Trying To Steal Your Identity)
  4. Lock down your credit (A Full Credit Lockdown, Securing Your Credit, Protecting Your Identity: Credit Reports and Credit Freezes)
  5. Always run your debit card as credit (not debit) (The Only Right Answer To “Debit or Credit?”)
  6. Keep up with what you have in your wallet (7 Things to Keep in Your Wallet & 6 Things to Leave at Home)
  7. Claim your Social Security Account so no one else can (Social Security goes fully paperless)
  8. Add additional security to your identity at your financial institutions, such as a secure word or password key code
  9. Purchase Umbrella insurance (Umbrella Insurance Could Be the Right Answer, How Much Umbrella Insurance Do I Need?)

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