Q&A: Can You Be My Investing Back-up?

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Many people love investing for themselves. Picking investments can be fun as well as profitable. For those who avoid the big mistakes, long-term investing can be a rewarding process.

Even though we are fee-only financial planners who are only compensated by the fee from our clients, we actively encourage the do-it-yourself investors of financial planning. We strive to write educating articles such that the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) investor community can subscribe to our free newsletter and provide themselves with comprehensive wealth management.

To help those just getting started with investing, we annually publish a free Marotta’s Gone-Fishing Portfolio which recommends a portfolio of just a few stocks which should weather the ups and downs of the market fairly well while only rebalancing twice a year.

To help DIY financial planners, we offer our Do-It-Yourself service level, where we do the investing so you can focus on the financial planning.

And to help DIY investors, we openly and publicly publish our financial planning strategies as articles on our website, striving to provide the necessary resources for anyone to prepare their own investment plan and meet their financial objectives.

Because of this close connection we have with the DIY community, we frequently receive emails like these:

Frankly, I don’t want to sign up as a client because even your low fees are a very significant part of expected real returns. But I’ve recommended to my wife, who’s disinterested in investing, to hire you if/when she’s on her own.

It is very common for only one family member to love finances while the other has little to no interest. An important part of the family’s emergency plan is to make sure you have a plan for when the financial spouse can no longer serve the family in that way, either because they are no longer interested or because of their incapacity.

We are honored to be the investing back-up for many families out there. As a part of that service, we offer an initial check-up where we can meet your family and provide basic analysis and guidance to help make sure your family is on track to meet your financial goals.

Having met your family and heard about your finances and financial goals, we will be better able to serve your spouse during whatever trying time has brought him or her to us.

We treat these check-up meetings just like our other prospective client meetings. The meeting is free, up to two hours, and we try to answer the questions you have. To get started with a meeting, you can simply fill out our Contact Form and our prospective client specialist will send you our getting started packet and schedule a meeting time with you.

At these free meetings, we love to provide personalized general advice. To receive custom financial analysis though requires an ongoing client relationship.

There are several important decisions to setting up your finances well for the road ahead which cannot be delayed, like how much you should save or how much is okay to withdraw, which account types you are saving in, whether you should perform Roth conversions, and the expense ratio and diversification of the securities you are invested in.

For people who decide that they don’t want to do it alone, we would be happy to help you get started as a client. Comprehensive wealth management is so much more than just investments and a retirement projection. You can browse our list of services for an idea of what we have to offer.

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