#TBT A Compromise to Achieve Universal Coverage
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“Once the incision is made, there is no turning back. And without a clear understanding of economics, our experimental treatment may kill Uncle Sam.” It’s too bad Congress didn’t take this 2009 article’s advice yet.

#TBT Three Reasons To Engage In Gift Giving
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This 2015 article is one of my favorites. The holiday cliché is to complain about hyper-materialism, but according to anthropologists, gifts and gift giving help shape our identities.

#TBT SEC Requires New ADV Part 2 Disclosure Form
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This 2011 post marks the birth of the SEC-required “plain English” descriptive brochure of disclosures. As David Marotta predicted, this new requirement was just another feel-good legislation aimed at making people feel safer without actually making them safer.

#TBT The History of Mutual Funds
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93 years ago there was only one mutual fund. Today, there are thousands. This 2003 article tells the story of how this staple of the financial services world got its start.

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