#TBT Everyone Needs Some Frivolous Purchases
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Everyone needs some fun in their life, and sometimes fun costs a little money. This 2004 article shares six guidelines for dealing with purchases that might be considered frivolous.

#TBT How to Double Your Retirement
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Doubling your retirement is not a fast process. It is the slow and steady practices of daily financial diligence. This 2004 article remind us, “Every six years you delay saving and investing you cut in half the lifestyle you will have in retirement.”

#TBT The History of Mutual Funds
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93 years ago there was only one mutual fund. Today, there are thousands. This 2003 article tells the story of how this staple of the financial services world got its start.

#TBT What Is The Alternative To An Annuity?
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It is always a good time to be reminded that an immediate fixed annuity is not an investment; it is an insurance product. This 2015 article by David John Marotta is a methodical unraveling of annuities and a description of the far superior alternatives.

#TBT It is Time to “Scrap the Tax Code”
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Our first article posted online is a wonder to behold. This 1998 beauty is written by George Marotta, founder of Marotta Money Management. In the article, he reminds us that, “Anyone of us could design a better system, but 500 congress people cannot resist the pressure groups who want to twist the code to benefit their particular constituencies.” Decades old, this post still rings true today.

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