Investing Mostly in Bonds Means a Lower Lifestyle in Retirement
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In the midst of this turmoil, especially after this past summer’s sharp drop, many investors wonder if they should put all of their investments into something safe and avoid the markets altogether.

$ ?s: Am I On Track to Retire at 65?
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I’m turning 45 this year and the reality is hitting me that I am now about halfway through my working career. Am I on track to retire at age 65?

Mailbag: Is There a Certain Roth You Recommend?
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I’m in my 20s and I’m just getting started in the working world. I’m also looking at a Roth IRA. Is there a certain Roth you recommend?

Mailbag: Which of These 401(k) Investment Choices Do You Recommend?
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I’m in my 20s and I’m just getting started in the working world. Which of the attached 401(k) investment choices do you recommend?

Mailbag: Which Investments Should I Fund First?
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I’m in my 20s and I’m just getting started in the working world. I would love to start funding my Roth and 401(k), but I have no idea where to begin!

$ ?s: Divorced Spouse Social Security Benefits
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Q: My husband and I divorced several years ago, and I am about to turn 62 in December. Since my ex-husband (he’s a year older) and I parted ways, we don’t talk. Can you please explain the Social Security benefits due to a divorced spouse?

Retirement Plans’ Perilous Future
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Between threats of cutting tax benefits and crackdowns on non-compliant plans, for the retirement industry ‘stakes are higher than they ever were’

The GAO Makes A Poor Financial Advisor
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If the GAO were giving you investment advice they would suggest that you not participate in your 401(k) and convert at least half of your retirement savings into an annuity laden with fees and expenses.

The Wealth Blueprint for Financial Success
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I was asked to speak at the Leadership Development Center at the University of Virginia’s EAN Annual Conference on Thursday, August 4th 2001. I’ve collected links to all the resources I mentioned in that talk here in one place.

Debt Talks Target Cost Of Living – Social Security Falls Further Behind
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To solve the deficit reduction riddle, Obama reportedly is embracing an idea that purports to raise tax revenue without a tax hike and claims to cut Social Security outlays without cutting benefits. Better check your wallet.

Don’t Retire: Keep Significant Goals
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Most Americans fail to plan adequately for retirement and consequently miss out on opportunities to enjoy the last third of life. The best and most rewarding financial planning is not just about the numbers but rather takes place in the context of personal goals.

Spending Retirement Income Can Be Risky
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The most common request we get is for a back-of-the-napkin calculation of future yield, interest or income. But rather than being a conservative withdrawal rate, this strategy may actually lead people to spend too much.

Video: Financial New Years Resolutions
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Few of us are disciplined enough to accomplish all our resolutions without help.

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