Getting Started with Financial Planning: Step One

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Kittenomics #21

Regardless of your current economic class, you could benefit in some way from investments. The first step to investing is savings. Investing a little when you are young means removing the decimal point in your retirement. $1.00 in your twenties is $100 in your retirement. Every year you wait, you lose some of that benefit.

This kitten lives below her means. She started tracking all of her monthly expenses and making cuts. For unnecessary purchases, she started to check out books and movies from the local library, cutting back her entertainment purchases. She also began making coffee at home instead of buying at a coffee shop.

For her necessary purchases, she started bargain shopping, looking for used options online, and became a savvy judge of quality. She eliminated non-essential services that require monthly payments, by cutting back her cable plan. She tried to reduce her utility payments by unplugging infrequently used electronics and taking slightly cooler showers with an egg timer. To save money on gas, she keeps a list of errands and limits her number of trips.

Way to go, kitten!

In your budget, where do you save money?

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Photo taken by Neal Fowler and used here under Flickr Creative Commons.

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