Work-Life Balance

Flexible Working Hours

All of our employees get to select how many hours they work in a week and when they work them. The default full-time is 40 hours in a week working 8 hours Monday through Friday. However, employees can work as little as 20 hours in a week and are able to decide when those hours are based on their job description with Human Resources. This flexibility allows employees the ability to fit work into the margin of the rest of life instead of life into the margin of work.

Generous Time Off

Marotta offers a generous pool of paid time off accrued monthly. The total begins at 10 days of paid time off and increases based on your longevity with the firm (normally 1 day per year) and based on your performance (extra time off for extra productivity).

In addition to this generous paid time off (PTO) policy, you are also allowed to take additional days of unpaid time off at your discretion, even when your PTO pool is zero or negative, out of your Benefits Budget.

Remote Work Options

Most jobs at Marotta are able to be performed remotely. We utilize the latest technology so that the wisdom of the rest of the team as well as all the resources you need are available from your home office. We also compensate some home office expenses for our employees, such as Internet connection at their house, out of the Benefits Budget.

Family Friendly Parental Leave

Marotta Wealth Management works with each new parent to develop a custom maternity or paternity plan to ensure you and your new baby can succeed. We especially encourage parents of newborns to take at least six weeks off.


Valuable Work

The work we do for clients is valuable, fun, and fulfilling. As fee-only fiduciaries, our only concern is to help clients meet their goals. And as comprehensive wealth managers, we are always seeking to advance the financial planning profession.

Clear Job Progression

From entry level trainee to famous in your area of expertise, we have a clear job progression track that allows you to advance in your field, your compensation, and your career as far as you’d like to go. Day one, we present our new employees with the “Achievement Tree,” a graphic which shows what is required to advance to each next step.

Support in Acquiring Credentials

There are a lot of credentials in the financial services field and, for specific tasks, we require that employees be credentialed in order to do them. However, we support our employees in acquiring the credentials they want by allowing no-cost time off for related events, compensation for study materials and/or sitting fees, and a general spirit of encouragement.


We have a firm-wide task management system which is used to assign each employee their tasks. Then, each employee is given the autonomy to decide what they would like to work on each day. There are expectations, but employees are given the freedom to meet those expectations in the order and manner that they see fit.

Recognition & Respect

Each of our employees specializes in something. They become the expert in that field within our firm and earn the recognition and respect of their peers that this expertise deserves.

Fame in the Field

Each specialist is given the opportunity to write articles for publication on our website as well as syndicated articles to other news sources. With our blog averaging over ten thousand unique visitors each month, if desired, you can earn a name for yourself in the field of financial planning.



Competitive Salaries

We give generous, fair, living wages to our employees with set raises based on measurable and achievable milestones.

Health Insurance Reimbursement

Each year, we work with employees to decide whether they would prefer that we offer a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) plan which allows individually purchased health insurance premiums be reimbursed by our firm or they would prefer to pursue the premium tax credit subsidies. This gives you the power and control of choosing your plan and how it is reimbursed.

Benefits Budget

Each employee has a large budget which they can use to receive pre-tax benefits and reimbursements such as additional time off, home Internet reimbursement, health insurance reimbursements, mileage reimbursements, etc. Showing thrift in your use of this budget can be rewarded in your year-end bonus, which means even if you can’t take advantage of every benefit you can still be compensated as someone who does.


Year-End Profit-Sharing Bonuses

On top of a generous salary, we each get a year-end generous bonus based on profit size and performance.

Low-Cost 401(k) Plan with Safe-Harbor Employer Match

We have our own Retirement Plan Management Service as our 401(k) plan. It is low cost, has a Roth funding option, allows in-service conversions, and includes a very generous employer match.

Wealth Management Service for You and Your Family

Each employee benefits from our full client service. They are also allowed to extend this service to their family as their family’s advisor.

Culture & Community

Virtual Hangouts

We have regular virtual staff hangouts and ongoing just-for-fun chat threads so that employees can feel connected to the team regardless of where they are working.

Fun Atmosphere

Other weekdays, most in-office employees eat together. In addition to lively, friendly conversation, we’ve been known to play a short game like Love Letter or Avalon over lunch.

Stress-Free Hierarchy

The firm’s owner and founder, David John Marotta, is flexible, agreeable, and approachable. After him, we aim toward having a flat hierarchy where all employees are equally valued and respected. Employees get to set their own schedules and oversee their own deadlines.

Complimentary Drinks

We have a fridge filled with complimentary drinks stocked based on in-office staff requests. It has had everything in it from Real Sugar Pepsi to Perrier Water to Lemonade Iced Tea. If you work in the office with us, it will have your favorite drink in it too. In addition, we have a pot of coffee brewed daily and an electric tea kettle with an assortment of black, herbal, and other tea options.

Complimentary Snacks

We have a complimentary snack bowl which is filled with rotating seasonal snack requests. Favorites have been York mint patties, Starburst jelly beans, and granola bars.

No-Competition Environment

With clear job descriptions, measurable raise milestones, and no “eat what you kill” incentives, we have a no-competition work environment. Each employee is given the chance and venue to succeed on his or her own and each co-worker the chance to celebrate those successes without reservation.