We set-up and maintain low cost 401(k), 403(b), or other employer sponsored retirement plans that offer a large variety of investment options to meet our client’s specific needs for their business.

We help business owners and plan participants navigate the many options available to them to fully utilize the tax-advantages and savings opportunities available. Then, we guide our clients through the set up process, assist with transition from an existing plan, and furnish necessary updates to the plan participants.

We strive to provide a range of portfolios that will meet the needs of your plan’s participants while keeping expenses at a minimum. These portfolios empower your plan’s participants to choose a globally-diversified portfolio consistent with Marotta Wealth Management’s investment strategy or to design their own asset allocation from a list of low-cost diversified fund choices.

Employers Who Offer A Retirement Plan Have A Fiduciary Responsibility

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Every business owner or director of a non-profit should realize that if they don’t take their fiduciary responsibility seriously they are legally liable for their neglect and inaction.

Navigating Your Employer Retirement Plan Fund Choices

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Since your employer’s plan usually has the most limited number of choices, pick the best it has to offer that fits with in your over all plan.

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