Newlywed Checklist: Name Change, Part 3

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Newlywed Checklist: Name Change, part 3

In my last two posts about changing your name after getting married, I discussed the first few places you should go: the Social Security Administration, the DMV, your employer and employer benefits, and your passport. Once you’ve changed your name there, it’s time for the last changes:

Fifth Stop: USPS
If you moved, you should forward your mail using your previous name. This can be accomplished relatively painlessly at the USPS website, or you can visit your local Post Office.

Sixth Stop: Financial Institutions and the IRS
Fortunately, the SSA informs the IRS of your identity when you file taxes, but to be safe, you may want to fill out form 8822 (a change of address form, which also includes a place to let them know you now have a spouse. This will allow tax documents to be sent to your new address) to make sure they have a form with your new name on file.

Financial institutions include credit cards (they’ll need to send you new ones), bank accounts (order new debit cards and checks), mortgages or landlords, other loans, brokerage accounts, and any retirement or other accounts you own or are a part of. If you are listed on a trust, or as a beneficiary somewhere, update the records or ask for them to be updated.

Seventh Stop: Everywhere else
It’s amazing how many places need your name address, and thus need to be updated. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Utility companies – electric, gas, water, sewer, cable, internet, phone, garbage.
  • Insurance agencies – medical/health, life, auto, house/renter’s, disaster, auto
  • University – alumni association, sorority
  • Physicians – primary care, dentist, specialists
  • Professional designations, licenses, organizations, business contacts
  • Memberships/ Clubs – gym, AAA, frequent flyer programs, library, magazine subscriptions, religious organizations, other professionals (such as attorneys, CPAs, etc.), unions, home owners’ associations, online shopping and other sites (such as Amazon, Netflix, etc.), loyalty programs, and many others.
  • Friends and Family – the Christmas card list, anyone who you want to give you new address to, and anyone else you want to tell about your name change.
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