Video: “Don’t Eat Your Dog: The Surprising Moral Case for Free Enterprise”

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I am always amazed at the power of a good story. As one was born with less sentimental brain chemistry, I would like to think that I rely more on facts and figures than the latest narrative bias. And yet, a good story teller will always have more influence than encyclopedia of powerful data points. Politicians understand this concept better than most, which is why they spend time talking about Joe the Plumber or the woman named <fill in the blank> who lost her job, health insurance and is in need of help.

This video reminds me that humans are not primarily motivated by efficient economics. We are not automatons. Our hearts are always drawn towards a being a part of a moral story with beneficial outcomes for real people. This video reminds me that even the best economic theories will fall on deaf ears if they do not make a necessary heart connection.

It is the responsibility of those who love economic liberty to tell a better story than those with another agenda. Arthur Brooks uses this moment to teach viewers why economic freedom is a more just system than any other alternative. Included here are the first principles to which all related stories and economic theories should connect.

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