Matthew Illian

Former Employee

Matthew Illian was a Wealth Manager at Marotta Wealth Management specializing in small business consulting, college planning, and retirement plans.

Matthew Illian holds a B.A in Economics from the University of Virginia in 1999. He worked as a registered representative with AXA/Equitable for two years and then as a retirement specialist with Nationwide Retirement Solutions from 2003 to 2007.

Matthew worked with Marotta Wealth Management as a Wealth Manager from 2007 to 2016.

Authored Articles

Inflation Illustrated
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We tracked the price of a first class stamp over the last 130 years, noting the changes, to show the steady erosion in buying power during that time.

Overfunded College 529 plan? No Problem!
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No need to worry. You have many great options when managing an overfunded 529 college savings plan.

Does Your College Saving Need a Christmas Gift?
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Some years, we fall behind and I try to make a year-end contribution to get us caught back up again.

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Best of Articles

Is Graduate School a Good Investment? Here’s the Formula.

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Your future path is sure to take many unexpected twists and turns, but you should run the numbers. Your future self will thank you.

The Ideal Retirement Plan Advisor

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Our firm decided to become a 3(38) investment manager because playing this role offers our clients administrative relief. By taking on the role of a 3(38) adviser, we accept responsibility for selecting a prudent investment strategy.

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