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This form links your Schwab account to your account at a different custodian.

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In order to move funds between a non-Schwab account (external account) and your Schwab account, you simply need to establish what is called a MoneyLink. After the MoneyLink is established, you can easily move funds online between the two accounts.

Most people can establish a MoneyLink using Schwab’s online process. You can find the tutorial for the online process here.

For those who prefer paperwork or who have had trouble with the online process, you can use this form.

To complete the form, add your Schwab account information to Section 1 on Page 2. It will ask for all the account holders and account numbers you’d like linked to your non-Schwab account.

Next, fill out your outside account’s information in Section 3 at the bottom of Page 3. You will be asked to fill out the routing number, account number, and account owner name(s) off of the check onto the form. For “type of account,” you should list whatever your bank identifies the account as, but when in doubt it is likely a personal checking account. You will then be asked whether you are the owner of the external account and if the external account is owned by the same people as your Schwab account.

Then, on the next page, you will be asked to attach a voided check

The last step is to sign and date the form in Section 7 at the bottom of page 7. All Schwab account holders will need to sign in the first part of Section 7. Then, at least one account holder for the external account will need to sign in the second part of Section 7. If you are the sole owner of both accounts, sign in both sections.