Individual Brokerage Application
Charles Schwab

This form opens a taxable brokerage account for one adult.

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Although most people’s first investments are purchased in a retirement account where distributions and contributions are heavily restricted, regular taxable brokerage accounts are accessible to everyone. Anyone can save in a typical brokerage account.

Although most brokerage accounts opened at Schwab use the same application, a Schwab One Account Application for Personal Accounts, depending on who and how many people own the assets, there are different ways to fill out the paperwork.

This prefilled paperwork is intended for ownership by one adult. You can find the application for a joint brokerage account for couples here and a custodial account for ownership by a minor here.

There are no complicated selections that need to be made on this form. The only steps are to provide your personal information for the account open and sign the form.

To do this, you can simply add your personal information on Page 2 in Section 3 and then sign on Page 8 in Section 11.